Boom Beach astuce for the pros


Boom beach astuce for the pros!

Hey guys.

Recently a friend and I was watching a stream where a guy played Boom beach at top level.

Some of his viewers where talking about making him reset and build up his village from scratch, and we was like, why would anyone do that once you had your village upgrades needed and a strong army with only the highest leveled troops.


But anyway, he did claim that he could build his village in less than one day, so we kept watching. He started talking about a boom beach astuce, which would do the job for him.


A Boom beach astuce is aperently a online generator which allows you to generate all the resources needed in Boom Beach.

The currencies are following:


Wood, stone, iron, gold and diamonds.

Diamonds are hard to get and are similar to green gems in Clash of Clans, and other paid resources in other games.

With Diamonds you can finish up your buildings/upgrades/troops instantly, and you can also pay with diamonds if you are missing a resource.


So this guy was resetting his Boom beach account after he did some fights where he explained how to attack other players with maximum profit.


Anyway, first he started of by telling us about GamingOrbit. GamingOrbit is a organization who provides high quality hacks and cracks for free. In their policy it says that they are doing this to prevent other companies to create medium/high quality hacks and cracks to charge money for. While free and better hacks are out there, no one would be forced to pay anything for the hacks.


Once he did reset his Boom Beach account, he went the this Boom Beach astuce from Here he scrolled down and pressed the “generateur”(French for generator).

He was being sent to a online generator on which allowed him to generate unlimited amounts of resources, however he did only generate diamonds in first phase.

It took him around 1 minute to generate 888888 diamonds, where he started upgrading the storages for resources and the buildings needed to do this.


This took him around 5 minutes, and after this he went back to the Astuce Boom beach from and generated yet another bunch of resources, however he did generate more than just diamonds this time. Now he had his storage upgrades, which means he could hold on to much more wood, stone, iron and gold, so it was worth it.

Astuce Boom beach can generate wood, stone, iron, gold and diamonds.


Once again it took him less than one minute to generate all the resources, and he started upgrading buildings, defense and barracks. This was done so he could stand his ground from incoming attacks from other players, and meanwhile one of his friends joined his skype. So they gathered up a great army from high level troops in the matter of seconds, and while upgrading buildings and defense, his friend was scouting out an enemy which they would attack.

Now he told us how to do the best task force, with team play. And truly enough, they did get maximum profit out of the attack with many troops left over.


So my point is, it seems like every pro Boom beach player are using the Boom Beach astuce to generate resources because they do not want to sit and wait for their resources to being mined up slowly.


I’ve decided to share the astuce boom beach with you, so either you can click on a link in the text or simply click on the link below.